Abate Yimam’s path to becoming a master brewer

The new beer brand Nubia Brew is steeped in the extraordinary personal story of its master brewer. His unique past, affinity for Switzerland and passion for brewing are all vital ingredients in the company’s range of premium beers.

Abate Yimam


Born in Ethiopia, grew up in Switzerland. A seasoned master brewer, Abate has been working in quality control at a global corporation for more than ten years.
Education: master brewer, brewing technician, brewing apprenticeship.
Professional experience: food and beverage industry, quality control.
Hobbies: travel, dancing and cookery.

Asrat Tesgaye


Born in Ethiopia, grew up in Switzerland. Asrat trained as a maintenance technician specialising in control systems.


Education: maintenance technician, control systems.
Professional experience: manufacturing technician, project leader with management experience.
Hobbies: reading (specialist literature), hiking, cookery and travel.

Atoma Gudissa


Born in Ethiopia, grew up in Switzerland. Atoma studied IT and has a Master of Advanced Science in CRM. He currently works for a global consulting firm.
Education: communications and IT engineer, Swiss school leaver’s certificate type C.
Professional experience: many years in the financial services sector working in data warehousing and software test analysis.
Hobbies: running marathons, swimming, table tennis and reading.