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Abate Yimam’s path to becoming a master brewer

The new beer brand Nubia Brew is steeped in the extraordinary personal story of its master brewer. His unique past, affinity for Switzerland and passion for brewing ... read more

The story of how we came to sponsor the party for new ETH students is quickly told, but it was a long-drawn out process to get the contract signed.

In August 2015, iMizan GmbH offered its gluten-free craft beers at the Basel Beer Market. One of our customers was a student at EPFL, ETH’s ... read more


"Das Nubia Bier "Mulu Amber" duftet nach würziger Vanille mit Karamel-Noten. Im Abgang sind nachhaltige Nugat-Karamell –Noten wahrnehmbar."

Book "Schweizer Biere 2016/2217 - Biersommeliers aus der Schweiz"

Mulu Amber and Amsal Premium: two gluten-free beers!

Mulu Amber – Reiner Charakter

Mulu Amber: a gluten-free beer that’s bursting with character!

With its clear amber hue and enticing head of foam, this beer demands closer attention. Here’s what one tester had to say about our craft beer Mulu Amber in the development phase: “Highly drinkable, with ... read more

Amsal Premium

Amsal Premium: golden and gluten-free!

Its golden honey colour and balanced, nutty aroma are a treat for the eyes and nose. One beer lover had this to say about our craft beer Amsal Premium: “The refreshing, harmoniously nutty aroma ... read more

Nubia Brew Vision
Nubia Brew's vision

Our vision is to ferment old crop, with traditional crafts, using up-to-date quality standards, resulting in flavors that want to comply with the modern taste sensation.

The Nubian brewing tradition in Ethiopia

Nubia is thought to have been much larger more than 3,000 years ago ... read more

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