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Abate Yimam’s path to becoming a master brewer

The new beer brand Nubia Brew is steeped in the extraordinary personal story of its master brewer. His unique past, affinity for Switzerland and passion for brewing are all vital ingredients in the company’s range of premium beers.

Mr Yimam, you were born in Ethiopia and came to Switzerland when you were ten years old. Apparently, Emperor Haile Selassie I played an important role in that. What was it like finding yourself in the midst of a different culture?
It really is a fascinating story. Before I was sent off on my big adventure, I was one of 200 children in an Ethiopian orphanage. By a quirk of fate, I was chosen together with 12 others for a special mission. We were sent to Switzerland to get a good education, the idea being that we would return to Ethiopia later on and help with the country’s development. The trip was sponsored by Emperor Haile Selassie I himself, so we were invited to the imperial palace. This was his way of giving the project his official seal of approval and showing that he would support it.
So you were to receive a decent education in Switzerland. Where exactly?
Moving to Switzerland must have been a big challenge for a young boy from Africa. How did you cope with it?
After finishing school, you trained to be a brewer, later qualifying as a master brewer at the University of the Brewing and Beverage Industry in Munich. Is there a particular reason why you opted for this traditional occupation?
You intend to brew African-style beers under the Nubia Brew brand. Can you tell us more about this?

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Nubia Brew Vision
Nubia Brew's vision

Our vision is to ferment old crop, with traditional crafts, using up-to-date quality standards, resulting in flavors that want to comply with the modern taste sensation.

The Nubian brewing tradition in Ethiopia

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