Nubia Brew: our craft beers

We produce Mulu Amber, Amsal Premium and other specialist beers using unique ingredients. Our beers are made from millet, so they are gluten-free.

Mulu Amber: a gluten-free beer that’s bursting with character

Mulu Amber: a gluten-free beer that’s bursting with character!

With its clear amber hue and enticing head of foam, this beer demands closer attention. Here’s what one tester had to say about our craft beer Mulu Amber in the development phase: “Highly drinkable... read more

Nubia brew

Nubia Brew: a name that tells a story

There are many legends about the land of Nubia, a lot of them stemming from oral history as the Nubian peoples were culturally assimilated by Egypt from around 1500 BC. Geographically speaking ... read more

Nubia Brew Vision
Nubia Brew's vision

Our vision is to ferment old crop, with traditional crafts, using up-to-date quality standards, resulting in flavors that want to comply with the modern taste sensation.

The Nubian brewing tradition in Ethiopia
The Nubian brewing tradition in Ethiopia

Nubia is thought to have been much larger more than 3,000 years ago ... read more

Nubia Brew - Abate Yimam
Abate Yimam’s path to becoming a master brewer

The new beer brand Nubia Brew is steeped in the extraordinary personal story of its master brewer. His unique past ... read more

Craft beer

Craft beer originated in the United States, where it tends to be associated with a limited annual output. Still something of a niche product in Europe overall, it’s becoming ever more popular with beer lovers in Switzerland. Swiss craft brewers have a flair for experimentation and strive to create a wide variety of different beers that each have their own unmistakeable character.

Nubia Brew

A name rich in history, a beer rich in taste

Several types of sorghum millet lend distinctive flavour notes to Nubia Brew’s specialist beers. Using ancient crop plants and brewing in accordance with Swiss standards of quality, we bring the original taste of traditional recipes right up to date. Try our craft beers today – we think you’ll agree that nothing else tastes quite like them!

While dust collects on our books, the beer mug makes us wiser. While beer makes joyful looks, books cause frowns like a miser.
(Johann Wolfgang of Goethe)

  • Nubia Brew Craft Beer: Vision
  • Nubia Brew Craft Beer: Vision

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